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An entire police department in North Carolina was put on leave after the arrest of the department's chief and lieutenant, according to WECT . The Southport Police Department's police chief and lieutenant were arrested Thursday for allegedly moonlighting at truck drivers while officially on the clock at the police department.


Forming a garage band after retirement might not be noteworthy by itself, but one musical group in the Southport area has drummed up an impressive list of community accomplishments since its inception almost eight years ago. Mike's Garage Band, a 7-person group, has completed close to 100 performances, raised more than $800,000 for various charities, and created the official song of the Town of Southport.


The police chief of a coastal North Carolina city has been arrested following what authorities say was a “long-term investigation” by the FBI and State Bureau of Investigation. The Brunswick County District Attorney's office announced Southport Police Chief Gary Smith's arrest in a brief press release Thursday afternoon.


All police operations in Southport have been suspended and the entire force placed on paid administrative leave after the town's police chief and a lieutenant were arrested Thursday and charged with double-dipping at a second job while on the clock at the police department. Chief Gary Smith, 46, and Lt.


Southport's oldest cemetery, the Old Smithville Burying Ground, has been around practically since the city was founded in the late 1700's. Musette Steck, a historian in Southport says you can tell where a child is buried because the tombstone is smaller and it has either a lamb or a lily on top.


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